Boxing equipment – what you should know and have

There are several advantages to taking up boxing. It can be a great way to get some strength and cardio training in, along with helping you keep a lean toned shape. Another advantage to boxing is how affordable it is compared to some other sports. While you will probably have people telling you that you need a ton of expensive gadgets, as an experienced boxing teacher I can assure you there are only a few things you absolutely need to know and have.


The first thing is to make sure you have clothes to workout in. Since you need to be able to move freely and you will get sweaty a comfortable t-shirt and pair of loose fitting gym shorts are really all you need, along with supportive athletic shoes and socks. When it comes to the clothing it really is up to you and what you feel comfortable in.


If you are working out at home you will need a heavy punching bag and you can find several used ones for sale that are affordably priced. There are also online tips on how to make your own if you are on a really tight budget. The other items you will need are also affordable and easy to find at any sporting goods store and this includes a jump rope, hand wraps and some very good bag gloves. You will also need a timer, and this can probably be found in your kitchen.


When you are ready to start training with a partner I recommend always wearing a mouthguard and headgear. I also want to point out that this protective gear is required at most gyms. For obvious reasons a groin or chest protector is another good piece of equipment to have, and wearing it could be the difference between winning or losing the friendly training match. A good pair of sparring gloves is something else you might want to consider, especially if you are training in a gym. Otherwise that is really all you need to start participating in boxing.



Once you get into the ring boxing does become a little more expensive. Now you will want to spend more money on expensive sparring gloves and you should also think about upgrading to a pair of boxing shoes. You might even want to consider adding a weight machine and speed bag to your home gym so you can really take your training to the next level. These extras are only necessary if you plan on competing in the ring or if you really want to impress your sparring partner at home.