Youth training

The benefits of playing team sports for young children

If you’re wondering whether or not you should take the time to bother with teaching your kid to play football, soccer, baseball, basketball, or any other team sport, I’m here to help. I have gone through a lot of info regarding whether these sports are beneficial on a psychological and social level for children, and I have found that they are extremely advantageous.

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For one, it’s easy for a kid to start being just a little selfish when he or she is young, particularly if it’s an only child we’re talking about. The first word in team sports is team, so regardless of how difficult it might be in the beginning, sooner or later the child will have to play for the victory of the entire team. Plus, if they do win a game against a competitor, they’ll be able to be happy together. However, it is important to explain to you child that winning isn’t the most important thing in the world as the evolution of a human being is filled with disappointment. While it’s definitely not recommended to make a big case out of the hardships one may encounter at some point or the other, it’s way healthier to keep a positive mood by explaining to the child that “You win some, and you lose some”.

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Two other social benefits of playing team sports are problem solving and responsibility. In order to make the game as efficient as possible, one has to understand one’s role and try to avoid breaking the rules as some sports have fixed positions where players aren’t allowed to leave certain areas of the field. With success comes responsibility, in that the child will have to invest a lot of time in defining his or her physique and in practicing for many hours on end to perfect his or her playing techniques. Here’s where the last benefit comes along and it consists of the fact that the kid will eventually have to learn the definition and many advantages offered by patience.

What’s more, there’s the advantage of having a great physique. Let’s not forget the fact that many children are a bit hyperactive and may even have anger fits once in a while. Engaging in team sports makes it possible for these kids to consume their energy which leaves them with little to none for becoming angry.