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I used to be a trainer for the YMCA, where I assisted many young men with dealing with their issues and overcome the pressure of daily life. I enjoyed helping them train in various sports, but my favorite one was boxing. I figured that most of these boys needed a bit of support when it comes to dealing with the stress they encountered on a daily basis. However, I’d like to underline that, while boxing for anger management purposes is excellent, sometimes you may need a bit of focus and communication. Talk to a friend, an acquaintance, or even your trainer if you find it hard to concentrate on your tasks, whether it’s about work or personal life. Violence isn’t the answer to any problem, and learning how to box shouldn’t be one of your core goals in life if you plan to use your skills in a negative way.


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I decided to share some of my training routines so that other people can enjoy boxing as much as the individuals who came to the studio where I taught used to. If you’ve recently decided to lose a bit of weight and don’t know how to go about things, you ought to be aware of the fact that determination is key to your success. Have faith in God and your abilities because there’s nothing more important in life other than feeling empowered and managing to commit to a higher cause. Think of it this way – if learning how to box and being in shape is what you have in mind, perhaps you might be able to learn other people how to do it, as well. Once you’ve reached your personal goal, you can become a mentor to others.


From what I found, interval routines are the best when it comes to efficiency of boxing. You may want to start with some cardio such as a light jog or a 1-mile warm-up, then start hitting the punching bag for a variable amount of time. For instance, I couldn’t help noticing that what helps me and used to help my students would be to hit the heavy bag for around two to three minutes then have a short break consisting of about thirty seconds, where I would stretch and focus on my breathing. If you find it hard to stick to this kind of routine either due to your weight or because of your medical problems, my personal advice is to start slow and work your way toward setting up a weekly routine gradually. I personally recommend that, once you’ve warmed up, you either go to the gym or hit the punching bag in your basement around three times per week. This type of commitment is enough in the beginning. Most people tend to think that it will take you a lot of time to reach your goals if you train for just three days out of seven, but in my experience, small steps are safer. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of boxing three times per week, you can take your workout to a whole new level by adding an extra day. If you practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays and then train for three days the following week, you’re set for success.

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In the end, I’d like to add that boxing is a unique sport that should be learned gradually. As such, if you don’t have the money to go to a gym and benefit from the pieces of advice a trainer could give you, I urge you to look for routines online and even check out some boxing training sessions on YouTube and other media streaming services.